Quality Service with High-Cost Performance

You can expect quick results and lower expenses compared to dispatching your own staff from Japan. Based on the experiences of having worked with over 200 companies from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, we provide professional services in establishing your sales network and sales promotion of your business in North America on behalf of your company.

Complete Support with Reliability 

From designing your catalogs and websites in English to supporting accounting procedures, establishing subsidiaries, etc. that require legal expertise, we work for you along with our alliance partners. There is no need to look around and make different contracts with multiple service providers. We can do it all for you.

Development of OEM

We help to develop OEM businesses across the US. Our service includes: 

  • Investigation of OEM partners
  • Verification of sample and product qualities
  • Verification of local manufacturing capacities

Distributors & Sales Task Force

Through our distributor and sales representative network, we hire and manage professional sales representatives and distributors. We also work as a sales rep on a commission basis, expanding your products’ share in North American markets.

* Please note there are certain products and services we do not cover.

Starting a new business in the US?

Want to sell "Made in Japan" products & services in the US?

Want to minimize the sales cost?

Need an English speaking task force?


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