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There are millions of superior Japanese products infused with cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship (“Takumi”). A-Lex is a proud advocate of these products and continues to introduce them to the world. For product inquiries, feel free to contact us!
Hardlock Nuts
Hardlock Industry Co., Ltd. 
The most reliable self-locking nut. Hardlock Nut never loosens even under extremely strong vibration.
product_sub02_img (1)-2.JPG
CTS - 02 Concrete Tester And Surveyor
Nitto Construction Company
Non-destructive concrete tester and the surveyor that tests the strength, degree of deterioration and delamination of structures of fresh or mature concrete with greater precision and speed than conventional rebound hammers.
Footstep PRO
Dream GP

World's first portable 3D laser foot scanner. Measures 30,000 scanning points per foot within 15 seconds for custom-made insoles.

Luxury Bedding
Kyoto Nishikawa

Japan’s oldest futon company from Kyoto, Japan offers luxurious bedding in various sizes and materials. 100% made in Japan to ensure quality and safety.

Air Bearing Cylinder
Fujikura Composites Inc.
Air Bearing for the rod guide part. Zero friction! Zero abrasion!
It will be the cylinder with the best performance.

[1-1]Air bearing cylinder.jpg
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